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The National Information Technology Center (NITC) was established in 2003 in accordance with the temporary law no. 81 for 2003 entitled “Deployment of Information Technology Resources in Government Organization”. Clauses number 6 and 19 stipulated the establishment of a "National Information Technology Center" as a legal successor to the “National Information Center”, which was established in 1992. NITC - as an independent government institute - is managed by a Board of Directors chaired by the Minister of Information and Communication Technology. The Board of Directors draws NITC’s general policies and approves its plans and programs. NITC plays the role of the CIO of the government of Jordan in all matters including the procurement, deployment, utilization, standardization, and budgeting of IT resources including the hardware, software, human, information, and process resources.


Part of NITC’s operations is the administration of the registry and registrar for domain names under .jo – both at the first level and second level. NITC was granted the registration privilege after a thorough registration and delegation process with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN); the Internet Names and Numbers policy development body.


NITC aims at efficiently providing DNS services to those interested in publishing their online identity under .jo by following international widely-used standards and best practices. NITC also maintains a solid operating environment that secures registrants rights, and follows a transparent policy in publishing the data of registered domain names.


While NITC’s domain name registration policy under .jo complies with the international standards and best practices, modifications have been made to accommodate the Jordanian laws and social norms.


In April 2011, a dedicated office was established to manage Jordanian domain names. The office is customer oriented and customer driven, and always places providing registrants with the best possible services as their number one priority. The office is a member of several Internet related organizations – policy development, technical, and governance – such as the Country Code Name Supporting Organization (ccNSO), Asia Pacific Top-Level Domain Name Association (APTLD), Arabic Domain Name and Internet Governance Team (ADNIGT), Arabic Script IDN Working Group (ASIWG), Arab Internet Governance Forum (AIGF), Internet Society (ISOC)… amongst others.

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