Registration Policy



General Information

  • Domain names under .jo are registered online on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • NITC applies a non-open registration policy in which a domain name registrant must show sufficient documents to proceed with a domain name registration.
  • To register domain name related to News Websites, the registrant must show an approved document from the Department of Press and Publications with the other requested documents to proceed with a domain name registration.
  • A domain name must be registered online on our online registration system. No paper applications are accepted unless unforeseen reasons arise.
  • A domain name can be registered for immediate activation or can be parked for future activation.
  • The sent documents (which is not in Arabic) should be in English or translated to English by an authorized translating office.
  • The chosen domain name must represent the name of the registrant, part of the registrant’s name, or an abbreviation of the registrant’s name. As for registered trademarks, the chosen domain name must represent the trademark entirely.
  • A domain name can be registered on behalf of a registrant via a third party (registrar, reseller, hosting provider, ISP…) provided that an authorization letter is issued.
  • The Administrative Contact of a domain name must reflect a Jordanian entity residing and/or operating in Jordan.
  • A new domain name must be registered online, and once approved the registrant can proceed with fulfilling financial obligations.
  • Domain names that violate the Jordanian laws and social norms are disapproved, or get disconnected and deleted immediately.
  • NITC does not get involved in any conflicts between entities fighting for the same domain name.
  • According to the current Regulations, it is not possible to transfer the ownership of domain name, unless the transfer was a result of an official change to current Registrant's name. Otherwise, the current Registrant must delete the domain name, and the new registrant can re-register it.
  • NITC conducts policy audits and updates as the need arises based on – but not limited to - client’s feedback, international best-practices, and changes in Jordanian laws.
  • When the domain name registration policy is amended, NITC holds full legal rights to contact domain name registrants – whether old or new – requesting that they alter the domain name registration (by – but not limited to - altering certain fields, requesting fresh documents, requesting additional documents…) to meet the new policies. Additional financial obligations might apply.



Prohibited Names to be used as Domain Name

  • Names that violate the stability of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • Names that violate the Jordanian laws.
  • Names that violate the social norms in Jordan.
  • Names maintained by entities operating in the pornographic industry.
  • False language and bad terms that is inappropriate.
  • Jordanian family names.
  • Public names unless its owner has a registration trademark.



Domain Name Format

  • A Domain name must consist of Latin letters (a-z), numerals (0-9) and the hyphen ‘-‘ sign ONLY.
  • The minimum number of any combination of allowed characters is 2, while the maximum number must not exceed 63 characters.
  • A domain name must start and end with a letter and/or numeral. A domain name must NOT start or end with a hyphen ‘-‘. A domain name also must not start with an “xn --“combination since this represents a Unicode to ASCII conversion.
  • A domain name must represent the registrants’ name entirely, a key term of the name, an abbreviation of the name (not transliteration), a translation of the name, or one of its registered trademarks.
  • Generic names are prohibited from being registered as domain names. The only exception is that when the domain name is an abbreviation of the registrant’s name, and this abbreviation does reflect a generic name.
  • When using a mixture of characters and numerals, the combination must not be confusable with numerals in other numbering systems. For example, ‘0xFF’ is disallowed because it represents 255 in hexadecimal.



Offered .jo Extensions (.jo Family)


Who is Entitled?

Commercial entities (companies, franchises, restaurants, ISPs, hospitals)

Networks (ISPs, medical networks)

Not-for-Profit Organizations and NGOs

Jordanian government entities (ministries, government offices)

Jordanian military entities (armed forces, public security directorate, air force, civil defense bureau, intelligence services)

Jordanian educational institutes - both public and private – such as universities, colleagues, schools, training centers…

Jordanian schools, both public and private

Jordanian citizens and alien residents residing in Jordan

Jordanian Ph.D. holders and visiting professors


All of the above mentioned entities except Jordanian citizens, alien residents residing in Jordan, Jordanian Ph.D. holders, and visiting professors



Domain Name Registration

  1. Fill out an online application.
  2. Submit the necessary documents either via e-mail or upload them via the online system.
  3. Once all required documents are submitted, an initial approval is given, and a financial invoice is e-mailed.
  4. Once the payment has been fulfilled, the domain name gets delegated or activated.



Rejection of a Domain Name

  • The chosen domain name does not relate to the name of the registrant or one of the registrants’ registered trademarks.
  • The domain name is in conflict with one of the well-known registered trademarks.
  • The domain name is ethically in conflict with the local laws and/or social norms of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • The chosen TLD does not go in-hand with the cause of the domain name.
  • The chosen domain name is a generic name that is not related to the registrant’s name.
  • The required documents have not been fulfilled within 30 days of the online registration of the domain name.
  • The submitted documents do not suffice to complete the registration process.
  • Payment has not been fulfilled within 30 days of the initial approval.



Domain Name Updates

  • Each domain name administrator has an account for all domain names under his/her administration. The account shows the list of domain names as well as their respective registration date and their respective expiration date.
  • A domain name registrant has full rights to update the content of the domain name application with the exception of the domain name itself and the owner name.
  • A domain name registrant can conduct updates to their domain names (contact details and name server) with no additional surcharges.
  • While it is strongly advised to commit updates on the online system, a domain name registrant can request an update either via e-mail or via an official letter.
  • When a name server update is applied, 6-24 hours are required before the update is worldwide propagated.



Domain Name Deactivation and/or Deletion

A domain name is deactivated and/or deleted in the following cases:

  • If a domain name has not been fulfilled financially.
  • If the content of a domain name violates the Jordanian laws and the social norms of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • If a dispute arises between two or more parties.
  • If a court order is received requesting a certain action on a domain name.


Legal Conflicts

  • NITC ensures – to the best of its knowledge – a domain name registration policy and auditing criteria that is conflict-free.
  • In approving a domain name, the DNS office ensures that the name does not conflict with the Jordanian laws and the social norms, and does not conduct any trademark infringements.
  • NITC and the DNS office do not interfere in any disputes that arise between potential conflicted parties. We strongly suggest that conflicts are resolved peacefully amongst the various conflicting parties.
  • When a court order is received requesting certain action on a domain name, the domain name registrant is informed of this action prior to applying it.
  • Jordanian courts have full authority to request information about a .jo domain name without referring back to the domain name registrant.



3rd Party Domain Name Registrations

  • A domain name registrant can register their domain name via a 3rd party (registrar, reseller, service provider…) provided an authorization letter is submitted, along with the applications’ required documents.
  • While any 3rd party has full control over a domain name, the domain name registrant – being the legal and rightful owner of the domain name – has every right to revoke the control from the 3rd party and gain full access to the domain name. It is strongly recommended that NITC is informed of this action as means of maintaining updated records, and as means to prevent any future misunderstandings.



Jordanian Intellectual Property Firm Domain Name Registrations

  • A domain name registrant interested in acquiring a Jordanian domain name with no Jordanian presence can do so by registering the domain name via a Jordanian Intellectual Property Firm.
  • When a domain name is registered via a Jordanian IP firm, NITC deals with the IP firm and not with the domain name owner or any 3rd party.
  • The Jordanian IP firm must submit an online application, along with copies of the Power of Attorney (POA) signed between the Jordanian IP firm and the registrant and stamped by a Jordanian diplomatic mission or Jordan’s Ministry of External Affairs, as well as a copy of the trademark to be registered.
  • The IP firm must act as the Administrative Contact and the Billing Contact of these domain names.



Domain Names under and

  • While domain names are for Jordanian citizens and alien residents of Jordan, are for Jordanian Ph.D., visiting professors, and Ph.D. alien residents.
  • In registering one of these two, the registrant must include his/her first name and last name – whether entirely or an initial.
  • First names alone or family names alone are prohibited from registration.



Registration and Renewal Fees

  • A domain name registrant is contacted via NITC either via e-mail, or via telephone, or both for any financial obligations.
  • NITC holds full rights to restructure the registration and / or pricing.
  • Renewal fees are the same whether a domain name is renewed for one year or for several years in advance.
  • NITC e-mails financial invoices of domain name prior to its expiration date to ensure enough time to fulfill these obligations.
  • To know the domain name's registration fees and the renewal fees, you can visit the Payment Issues Page.

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